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We at GEO Real Estate Group acknowledge the key role that our real estate agents play in our success. We make sure to give them holistic training so that they can expand their knowledge of the industry, sharpen their skills in real estate, and develop the right attitude to stay on top of the game. When our agents are happy, our clients are happy. When our clients are happy, we know we are doing a good job.

If you are interested to go on a journey, our doors are always open for the hardworking individuals that are passionate and willing to learn. Whether you are an industry veteran who is up for a new challenge or a budding agent looking for a training ground, we would be glad to welcome you on our team.

Up for an adventure? We are hiring individuals with a positive attitude, teachable and ready to keep up with the pace! As a real estate agent at GEO, you can expect to reap the following valuable benefits:

Access to the Best Resources and Technology

Having one of the top training and individual mentoring programs in the field, we can provide you with the necessary training and support you need to hit the ground running. We have an array of cutting-edge technological tools and other important resources that you can use to grow as a real estate agent. Our brand and marketing programs are designed for optimal learning so that, with time and dedication, you can become an exceptional player in the field. Our clients in the community are important to us; that is why we give our agents a comprehensive professional development to be the face of our company.

Time-Tested Strategies for Innovation

Our decades-long experience has allowed us to gain valuable insights into the New York real estate market. We have strong strategies up our sleeve that we use to extend the efficiency of every property we handle. These strategies have been tested by time and have brought in top returns for us. We pride ourselves in our out-of-the-box thinking and efficient operation, which are both geared towards the effective optimization of our revenues. Our goal is to reach each agent’s fullest potential in real estate. With our innovative strategies, unique market insights, and your required dedication added to the mix, we know we can reach and surpass that goal.

An Expansive Network of New York City Clientele

As a company originally formed in 1996, we have a long list of successes behind us. Over the years, we have gained an expansive and intimate network of clients that trust our brand of work and rely on us for their real estate needs. By joining our team, you can have an opportunity to learn professionalism and skills that only experiences can teach .

An Opportunity to Improve the Community

Our leaders have had the honor to bear witness to the change undergone by the different neighborhoods in New York, from Queens down to Staten Island. Although our specializations are mainly focused on Brooklyn and Manhattan, every insight we can get from every nook and cranny of this state is important to us. With extensive knowledge of its ins and outs, we can confidently say that New York is our expertise. This is not just a business to us. This is a commitment, a legacy to improve the community we live and work in. We are interested in making a good change that lasts, in seeing the neighborhoods of New York thrive for the long term. When hiring new agents, we are looking for them to share the same values as we do. If this is something that defines you as well, you are welcome to share our legacy. 

Full Exposure to the Trade Secrets that Have Put Us on the Map

The collective expertise of our leaders and existing real estate agents have brought us to where we are now. We have learned some trade secrets and created our own along the way – secrets that we apply to seal the deal and hit the bull’s eye every time. As part of our team, you can get full access to these trade secrets, which will be your new tools to help you hit the mark. We train all our agents to leverage everything we have shared with them to become the best in their area of expertise. More than a job, we offer you a tremendous learning opportunity.

A Strong Sense of Culture and Identity

We at GEO Real Estate Group believe that our sense of culture and identity is what makes us different. Our brand value is unmatched. We have a vision and a mission to uphold, and we make sure that we always stay true to them. We are at a stage where closing deals and bringing in revenue are no longer enough. We work to make a change, to leave a legacy. That is our new identity. Our culture is open and welcoming if you have what it takes, one that any real estate agent with passion and dedication can easily meld into.

Support for Developing Your Own Personal Brand

The greatest promise you can count on if you decide to share this journey with us is uninhibited career growth. We advocate for supporting each of our real estate agents in propagating their own personal brands. We will coach you, mold you, and nurture you to become the best professional version of yourself. If you are looking to develop your real estate identity, look no more. We are more than willing to give you our best, foster your development, and propel your career.

The Honor to Give Back to the Environment

There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you have done something right for the environment in which you build your home and other people’s homes. That is why we strive to apply environment-centric real estate principles that serve the environment, and, by extension, the community that thrives in it. We are a geo-centered company, so if giving back to the Earth is something you consider an honor and a privilege, then joining our team is the best decision you will make for both your personal and professional development.

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